Cassie Clawson was born in a small town in Arizona, US, second of five children. Being a military brat, she traveled across the US and Europe with her family before they settled in Virginia in 1990. After 28 years in Virginia, four kids (her most beautiful creations), a couple husbands and 3 bonus kids later, she recently moved to Vermont with her husband Aaron.

Cassie is a serial entrepreneur and has started and run several successful businesses. Most recently a staffing company that she had for seven years. Before that she had a wedding photography studio that was one of the top in the state. Her and her carpenter husband are now tackling the real estate market, buying and fixing up old houses. Their current project is a little red cabin in the woods. She also is running a short term property rental company where she helps other property owners rent their properties on Airbnb. Both of these jobs allow her to spend most of her time doing what she really loves, which is ART!

Being mostly self taught, having ADHD and being a multi-potentialite, she is constantly exploring new art mediums and techniques. She always has several projects going at once, often completely different from each other. This is how she thrives.

She believes in the magic of the Universe, that life is beautiful even in the struggles, and that love is important above all else.


Cassie believes in the importance of art, not just for the sake of the art, but for the sake of creating. It’s good for the brain, good for your mood, and good for your health. Get out there and start creating, whether it be a beautiful painting or coloring in a children’s coloring book. It doesn’t need to be good to be good for you (but it does take a little courage). Be Brave. Make Something.